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UK Diet Plans - Gourmet Diet Food Delivery

Gourmet diet meal delivery UK - choose from a selection of famous Designer Diets (Dukan, The Carb Lovers, Skinny Bitch) or simple healthy eating diet foods for meat eaters, vegetarian and a detox plan for those who want a straight forward and effective weight loss diet. All meal plans are fully customisable- set your likes, dislikes and calorie levels to tailor your diet according to your needs, unlimited exclusions included 100% free!

Meat Eater Meal Plans

Meat Diet Meal Plans
  • Meat Eaters favourite you will love this meal plan
  • Delivering constant energy with fat burning foods
  • Try this meal plan for 1 month & lose upto 1 stone.

Vegetarian Meal Plans

Vegetarian Meal Plans
  • Great vegetarian recipies
  • Natural Plant Proteins
  • Well balanced, low fat and fibre rich.

Detox Meal Plans

Detox meal plans
  • Eliminating Toxins
  • Inner Detoxification
  • Immune Boosting

Superfood Diet

Desi Superfood diet meal plan
  • Antioxidant packed menu ensures the best of healthy eating and nutritional value.
  • Boosts your immune system and metabolism while controlling cravings
  • Great weight loss potential

Low Carb

Desi Low Carb diet meal plan
  • A 'kind' low carb diet loosely based on the Atkins diet
  • Maintains muscle during weight loss
  • Balanced and tasty meals

Low GI Diet

Desi Low GI diet meal plan
  • Feel fuller for longer with foods that are low on the Glycaemic index
  • Banishes cravings and temptation
  • Satisfying dishes